Game Design: Mechanics VIII

By 15/12/2017 December 19th, 2017 Game Design

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Hitching a ride off of my previous post, transparency is the problem right now with most VR experiences. An underwater game where you can’t move. An FPS game where you can’t run. A martial arts game where none of your punches and kicks ever really do connect. A swordfighting game where either the sword, or your arm, goes right through your opponent’s parry. M.C. Escher could have a blast creating stuff for VR, though, right?

There’s feedback. Yada yada yada. Information flows from the player (intent) to the game (effect).

And juiciness. Oh, my Jesus. A juicy interface. What the fuck does that even mean? Is playing a game with a ripe melon juicy enough? Does it have to gush at a certain point?

Oh, wait. Fruit Ninja. Nevermind. I get it. Just look at that interface. Just slice across the screen and tell me if that’s not the juiciest feeling ever. Both literally and metaphorically. That’s just a great virtual interface with a heavily rewarding physicality. I mean it, Fruit Ninja. The sharp sound of the blade over the gushing of fruit as it is sliced. The burst of fruit juice and colored stars as your finger quickly crossed the screen. It’s a master class as far as juicy interfaces go.

And it does manage to appeal to our lizard brains in the simplest manner possible. Get juicy fruit, win. Hit falling bombs, lose.

#62 Transparency

#63 Feedback

#64 Juiciness

#65 Primality

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