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By 08/01/2018 Game Design

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Half of what we do is worthless if there’s no one there to see. Doubly so for worldbuilders. Without spectators, the tree is not even important.

I’ve been going back and forth on the idea of the community once the generator is seaworthy. Why do DMs avoid collaboration? Isn’t there a world where DMs come together to form something than one DM could never possibly build? Does the idea of collaboration fly in the face of the cohesion provided by a single creative mind? Couldn’t worldbuilding be fragmented into modular pieces that can be integrated into stories? This world, that city, this NPC, that plotline, BAM!

It does feel a little loose. It’s more of a “mix and match” type of worldbuilding experience than an artisanal one. A DM needs to feel its hands wet with the clay of creation, however subtle the modifications to a pre-existing idea might’ve been. It’s a vain endeavor, and the generator must satisfy that vanity. /r/DnDBehindTheScreen isn’t really a place where one makes friends. It’s a place where one goes to show off one’s creative chops.

What can my generator offer a newbie? A readymade, if not exactly polished, tool to play on the fly.

What can my generator offer the player? A tool to craft and maintain an internally consistent world.

What can my generator offer the elder? A tool to keep everything unimportant organized.

#95 Spectation

#96 Friendship

#97 Expression

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