Game Design: Resistance

By 11/05/2017 Game Design

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I’ve hit my first Resistance roadblock. I’ve been finding myself unable to proceed without a working prototype. This is a larger gap than I had expected.

See, Schell’s book asks a lot of questions. That’s what a good book does, I guess. But I’ve been finding that a lot of questions cannot be answered without some playtesting. And some playtesting cannot be done without a game to test. So I’ve been trying to get a prototype going.

But that created another roadblock in itself. Because I knew (lol!) that even if I could wheedle my friends (lol again!) into playing my crummy little game (lololololololololol!), if it didn’t look good the odds of them ever playing it again would drop dramatically.

Keep in mind, I haven’t tested this game even once outside the vague ideas my head.

WARNING! lulz reaching critical levels…

Jesus, talk about getting over yourself.

You know what’s gotten the ball rolling again? That I’ve set myself the goal to read at least 12 books this year. Last year I could only manage 8, and I felt like an idiot, because the year before that I had managed 16 or something. But I cannot read the next book until I’m done with the current one.

So those are my options. Either I’ll get over myself and learn to make games, or at least read a book about how to make them, or I’ll never read anything else again.

So here we are.

My first idea was to buy small paper stock from Staples and cut it into quarters to get a small stack of blank cards going. After that, my plan was to draw what I need over them and have my friends playtest that. Simple, ugly, reasonably fast.

This was a couple of months ago.

I’ve spent the intervening period coming up with ways to cut down on the time required to make the cards fasterĀ and prettier. Exactly the opposite of what a prototype has to be.

Not gonna lie, I’m not proud.

Or, I am, but I’m also very stupid.

Right now, though? Screw it. I cut the paper into quarters. I’ll just draw what I need on them and take the prototype to a LAN party this weekend. My friends are actually kind of stoked to try my shitty little idea.

I feel kinda bad, though.

They’ll try something that neither they nor I know if it’s worthwhile or not. I should playtest it a bit with myself later tonight at least to see if it’s worth a damn.

IF I have time, I’ll spend some time fiddling around with Photoshop or Illustrator to send better cards to a local print shop.

Doubt it, though.

I just spent a couple of months doing fuck all.

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