Game Design: Story III

By 03/01/2018 Game Design

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The thing about a game world is that, if they push, it has to hold up. The building with the textured door is no good. The exact same line delivered by 30 different NPCs is no good. If they push and your world is found wanting, you have failed. This creates a ridiculous amount of pressure on a worldbuilder. Bordering on an infinite quantity of stress, delivered every single time you look at the calendar and see the next date approaching.

Quoth the raven, “Nevermore”.

There’s an additional layer of the mechanical process that can really help a DM in riffing out a yarn. Connections. As the old adage: make it personal. A machine can very well create basic intimacy networks. Nothing too complex is required. Only enough to get the plot juices flowing.

Keep things simple. Your product doesn’t need to be convoluted. Scrap your Memento. In collaborative storytelling, it’s all about back and forth. You throw down a couple of lines, they throw down a couple of lines. If you lay it down too thick, the rest of the crew will get confused.

Avoid creating too much in advance. Shoehorning sessions into the hero’s journey is a surefire way to have everything backfire and blow out your ass. Every scene is an opportunity to advance the hero’s journey. Keep your eyes and ears open. Follow the gravitas. Be in the moment.

#75 Simplicity & Transcendence

#76 Hero’s Journey

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