Game Design: Story VII

By 03/01/2018 January 8th, 2018 Game Design

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No use talking about the subject of the avatar. It’s been done to death. Character goals and traits, on the other hand, are essential in fleshing out a world.

Crusader Kings has a very interesting character trait mechanic. Virtues and vices are used to establish both advantageous and detrimental effects on a character. Not only that, characters with opposing traits tend to dislike each other.

Virtues and vices are a great way to riff on a character’s goals and interests. Cross that information with sensory identifiers and you got a pretty solid character to play with. You have got what it is, what it might want, and how it might go about fulfilling its objective.

After a certain point, it’s unadvisable to allow the machine to flesh out the characters. A DMs imagination needs white space to play on. I feel that what we’ve talked about in this post is on the far side of the spectrum.

#85 Avatar

#86 Character Function

#87 Character Traits

#88 Interpersonal Circumspex

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