Game Design: Story VIII

By 08/01/2018 Game Design

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The character web is a great tool for strengthening your cast’s interrelations and connections. As we’ve established, the closer the better. And the better you can characterize your minions, the richer the story will be. That being said, I can’t really imagine the character web occupying more than a single byline, per character, in the generator’s output. Then again, I could be surprised. Most of the generator’s development is done on breakthrough realizations.

The “low status vs. high status” bit is quite good when roleplaying the NPCs. I tend to lean on the authoritative side of characterization. Mainly because I fucking hate my players and consider them reckless murderhobos. That being said, I’m open to trying new things. If a few unimportant NPCs get dusted, I can live with that. After all, there’s not much wish fulfillment going on if everyone you meet treats you only slightly better than the ends of a loaf of bread.

It’s the gestures, the eyes and the voice that’ll really sell a character as dominant or submissive.

Character development, however, is something that needs to happen entirely on the fly. Because that’s part of the actual story. It’d be cool if I could find a way to visualize ongoing character development but, if I can’t, it’s not actually the end of the world.

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