Game Design: Team II

By 08/01/2018 Game Design

A project I was working on stalled because someone insisted we needed documentation. We hadn’t even gone beyond the first paper prototype. It’s been a year and the project has gone nowhere since that day. Documentation is all too often an excuse to avoid the real work. If you see someone all too eager to focus on documentation in the early stages of a project, it may be the sign of someone not willing to grit the teeth. Documentation should be an inevitability.

I like Rumsfeld’s “known knowns and known unknowns” phrase. I’ve talked about them in my digital marketing book. They are a great point of reference when thinking about your playtesting. Coming from a digital analytics background, I don’t understand why games aren’t so much better than they currently are. I’m not saying that you should let the numbers lead, never do that, but you should at least let them inform your decisions. A relevant set of KPIs can turbocharge your playtesting yield into the stratosphere.

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