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What can I talk about when not talking about a game? I come from the business world. There’s little in Schell’s book that’s new to me…


No. There are certain gems worth mentioning. And they don’t have to do with people as much as groups of people.

  1. Objective analysis: I once fell into the trap of letting my personal investment in a project skew my analysis of it and nearly bit it because of that.
  2. Clarity: I learned to program to inhale the fumes of clarity and learn what real deliverables look on paper.
  3. Persistence: is reading this book for over a year despite my crippling fear of what may or may not come of it.
  4. Comfort: I know where the line is but I try to look back on it from the horizon of struggle.
  5. Respect: is earned, not owed.
  6. Trust: the foundation of any lasting relationship.
  7. HONESTY: fuck you.
  8. Privacy: I am notorious for not giving enough fucks about stuff that people tell me in confidence, so they know their privacy will be respected out of my disinterest.
  9. UNITY: 8 years and going strong!
  10. LOVE: period.

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