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By 10/01/2018 Game Design

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Artists and engineers hate each other because they are too much alike. Both are selfish pricks unwilling to admit that they create for themselves because they can. They are not pricks because they design for themselves but because they are not willing to admit it.

The secret of the Sonic games is how tough yet rewarding it is to go so fast and not crash. The loops and occasional rails are just brief rewards for managing to keep the blue hedgehog on a tenuous leash. If you can’t capture the essence of a Sonic game that way you better come up with something else.

I wrote down an idea for a game about managing a species’ evolutionary tree. Turns out it is Dominant Species. Kind of.

I think I’ll try my hand at a particle manipulator in VR. Googled it and was surprised to find no results. Kinda weird, could be oodles of fun if done properly, we’ll see how it plays out.

I give no shits about the client or pitching a game project! I mean, it’s important, sure, but what in the decaffeinated fuck can I write about that, eh? Holy shit, though! Those are some big fucking fish! Has every single gaming megacorp and their mommies had a fling with them?

I’m burning out. I want a book on zen koans. I’d like to feel smart if only for a little while.

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